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In this book, Online Accounting with Exact Online, we will give a step-by-step explanation of how Exact Online operates. We will do so by taking a fictional company as an example. This fictional company is called DroneProNL and is a sole proprietorship company, owned by Simon Wit.

This workbook consists of three modules. Module 1 discusses the classification of your administration in Exact Online; in this module we will explain the basic skills you need, in order to align the set-up of your Exact Online account with your operational management. We will also provide you with several tips & tricks, to make working in Exact Online faster, easier and simpler.

Module 2 concerns how to operate Exact Online; in this module, we will discuss how to actually use Exact Online in practice.

Module 3 is an analysis module, which will elaborate on verifying and analyzing the input data. In module 3, you will also be presented numerous tax assignments.

Most of the assignments in this workbook can be checked by the Check-Tool. The Check-Tool is an online application where you immediately can see which mistakes you have made when making the assignments.


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